Rut Bizkova has more than 25 years experience in the management of research and innovation, energy and environmental protection, former deputy minister and minister of environment of the CR and head of the Technology agency of the CR. Currently she collaborates on RE:START, the program of revitalization of structurally affected areas and transformation of these regions through the Just Transition Fund. Rut is the leading author of SMART CR strategy lead by the UCM CR and Smart cities strategy approved by the Government 2021. She is co-author of several book publications, for example The Northwest transformations and Industry 4.0 – The Challenge for the Czech Republic, several national and regional strategies. At present she is a consultant for smart regions, research strategies and digitalization, development of rural and marginalized areas.  As a member of the Research, Development and Innovation Council she is responsible for environmental and agricultural research and improvement of conditions for people in research, including gender issues.